Financial Aid

Verification FAQ's

What is Verification?

  • Verification is a federal financial aid requirement in which the federal processor randomly selects FAFSA student/families for a comparison of the information that they listed on their FAFSA with information reported on the tax return(s), as well as, other information the applicant self-reported on their FAFSA.

I've been selected for verification three years in a row. What am I doing wrong? Why do I keep being chosen?

  • Each year, the US Department of Education select FAFSA applicants at random to verify their income. Also, CSU may select additional students if we find conflicting information. Make sure that your information is complete and consistent and be sure to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool whenever possible.

Do I need to give CSU copies of tax transcripts?

  • You should request a copy of your Tax Return Transcript after you file your tax return. It can take up to 10 business days from when you make your request to receive a copy which will delay awarding your financial aid if you are selected for verification. You will be notified by CSU if you need to submit photocopies of your (and often your parents') federal income tax transcripts. You can take them to Campus411 All-in-1 or fax them to 216.687.9247. Please retain copies of any federal tax transcripts, untaxed benefit statements, and asset information that you used to complete your FAFSA. Forms for verification are available to download.

Should I turn in copies of my tax transcripts when I file my FAFSA?

  • No, do not turn in your tax transcripts until you are required to which will only happen if you are selected for verification.

What happens after I submit the required documents to CSU?

  • The review of comparing the student's FAFSA information with the IRS tax information and other required documents begins once all documents are received by CSU. If there is a mistake on the FAFSA, CSU will correct the error(s) and forward the information to the federal processor. The corrections may cause a change in the student's financial aid eligibility.

What happens if I decide not to turn in the required documentation?

  • If you fail to submit all the required information, the Financial Aid Office cannot determine your eligibility for federal and state loans and grants. It is recommended that a student turns in all required verification paperwork to CSU as quickly as possible. This will enable the Financial Aid Office to provide you a Financial Aid Award in a timely manner. Families who have filed extensions or who are self-employed and file their federal taxes later in the year, are not excused from submitting required documentation for verification.

What do I do if my family has a change in income after I filed the FAFSA?

  • Do not make any changes to your FAFSA once you have successfully used the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. If you have a change or a correction to make on your FAFSA, please contact Campus411 All-In-1 Enrollment Services. We can then determine the best course of action.