Financial Aid

Federal Pell Grant

This federally-funded grant program is for undergraduate students who are earning their first bachelor’s degree.  Amounts will vary based on your financial need and your enrollment status.  Students may not receive Federal Grant Funds from more than one school at a time. 

Students are limited to 12 full-time semesters (or 600%) of their Federal Pell Grant eligibility during their lifetime. This policy applies to all students, regardless of when or where they received their first Federal Pell Grant.

You may review your percentage of Pell Grant used by logging into  Your "Lifetime Eligibility Used" is displayed within the "Grants" section of your "My Aid" summary.  Students are encouraged to review their Pell Grant history, as well as their student loan borrowing history, on a regular basis to stay current on remaining eligibility and outstanding loan balances.

To learn more about Federal Pell Grants, visit