Financial Aid

Scholarship FAQ's

To assist you with your financial aid questions, review the FAQs listed below. For further assistance, visit or contact Campus411 All-in-1 at 216.687.5411 or 888.CSU.OHIO or

Does receiving a scholarship affect my federal financial aid eligibility?

  • Sometimes. You are not permitted to receive financial assistance greater than the total cost of attending CSU. Therefore, if you qualify for a scholarship after having been awarded federal financial aid, some of your federal assistance (usually loan eligibility) may have to be reduced. If this occurs, you will be notified immediately.

I've received scholarships from outside of CSU. Do I have to report these?

  • Yes. To prevent over-awarding of aid, any awards given to you outside of CSU must be reported on your award letter or you can notify the University in person by visiting Campus411 All-in-1. If any adjustments to your aid are necessary, you will be notified.

Do I need to apply for scholarships as a new student?

  • As a qualified new freshmen, you will be automatically considered for the CSU merit based awards. You should visit the Scholarships for New Freshmen page for more information.

  • Additionally, if you are interested in the Honors Program, you must submit a separate application. Please visit the Honors program website for complete details about that program.

How can I be considered for scholarships that the university offers to continuing students?

  • You should complete the Continuing Student Scholarship Application. There may be additional opportunities for scholarship assistance, and you will find this information on your academic department's web page.

Can I receive scholarship(s) if I am receiving grants and loans?

  • If you are receiving other financial assistance such as federal and state grants or loans, you may still qualify to receive scholarships. If the awards are marked for tuition only, funding may need to be adjusted because tuition only assistance cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

What determines my academic rank?

  • Your academic rank is based on the total number of earned semester hours. Freshmen have earned 0-29 semester credit hours. Sophomores have earned 30-59 semester credit hours. Juniors have earned 60-89 semester credit hours. Seniors have earned 90 or more semester credit hours.

How many hours of registration do I need to receive scholarships?

  • Most scholarships require a full time enrollment unless otherwise noted.

What kinds of scholarships are offered to graduate students?

  • If you have received a bachelor's degree, you are no longer eligible to apply for any of the new, transferring, or continuing student scholarships. You should research scholarship opportunities, Graduate Assistantshipss and Tuition Assistantships offered in the various graduate college departments.

What kinds of scholarships are offered to International students?

  • You can visit the International Education Financial Aid website at, The Smart Student Guide for Studying in the U.S. at or information on external scholarships.

I have been awarded a scholarship from an organization or company. What do I have to do to get my scholarship award sent to CSU?

  • Many organizations or companies require the college or university to complete an enrollment or an award verification form. This form along with contact information should be sent to the Scholarship Coordinator c/o Financial Aid, unless a specific department is listed.

  • The scholarship organization may send the check, along with a memo listing your CSU ID number, directly to the Scholarship Coordinator c/o the Financial Aid.

Are there scholarships to study abroad?

  • Yes, you can contact the Center for International Services and Programs at 216.687.3910 or the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at 216.687.9394 for further information.

What are some warning signs of possible scholarship scams?

  • The things to look out for when you are researching scholarships are companies that request an application fee, guaranteed winnings, money-back guarantees, requests for credit card numbers, Social Security number bank account information, and/or call a 900 number for information, just to name a few.

Can I apply and/or recieve scholarships or grants if I am starting spring semester?

  • If the grant/scholarships become available and you meet all of the eligible criteria, you will be considered.