Financial Aid

Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG)

This state funded grant program is for undergraduate, degree-seeking Ohio residents with a Student Aid Index (SAI, as determined by the FAFSA) of 3750 or less and a maximum household income of $96,000. Students are limited to ten full-time semesters of eligibility, but the award amount is prorated based on enrollment.  OCOG is tuition/general fees specific, and any student receiving 100% tuition/general fees in the form of a waiver or institutional, athletic, third party, federal or state aid is not eligible for OCOG.

Award amounts are published annually by the Ohio Department of Education, once the state budget has been finalized for that academic year.

OCOG 2024-2025 Yearly Award Amounts:

fT (12+ hrs) 3/4 (9-11 HRS) 1/2 (6-8 Hrs) 1/4 (1-5 hrs)





The application deadline is October 1 of each year.  

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