Financial Aid Office

Follow these steps to complete your FAFSA:

Step 1- Create a FAFSA ID/Password and then complete your FAFSA at

  • Each student and parent (for Parent Plus loans) that are applying for financial aid is required to have an FSA ID.

Step 2- Input your tax filing information to avoid delays or required verifications from the IRS.

  • If selected for verification see steps below for Verification.

Step 3- File and complete your FAFSA; after you receive your award letter log into CampusNet to accept your aid. See Awards for step by step guidance of this process.

  • Each year after October 1st, and after you have filed your taxes with the IRS to avoid processing delays.

Please refer to the Financial Aid Dependency Status Questions for guidelines that specifically explain qualifications of a Dependent student


Federal Work Study                              Law Students

First-Time Applicants    

Continuing Students                            Transient Students

Transfer Students                                 Visiting Students

Graduate Students                                Student Athletes