Financial Aid

Ohio National Guard Scholarship Recipients

Soldiers and Airmen that are enlisted in an approved contract with the Ohio National Guard are eligible for 100% paid tuition. In order to receive this tuition the service member must apply for the benefit and email the award letter to the proper awards office.

Step 1 – Apply for the ONGSP at

  • Note: You must have a working CAC card and know your PIN. The VetSuccess Office has a CAC reader if you do not have your own, they cannot solve any PIN or CAC card issues. Please ensure that those individual issues are remedied prior to applying.

Step 2 – Print off the awards letter from your email

  • Note: check your Spam folder, ONGSP communication often gets picked up by Spam filters.

Step 3 – Email that letter to Giving this letter to treasury or Campus 4-1-1 should ensure it is received properly, but to ensure direct communication you can ensure your own success by emailing it directly.

**If you qualify for the ONGSP, then you also qualify for VA Chapter 1606 as a drilling Guardsmen/Reservist. Follow the above steps about VA chapters to receive the full VA benefit package at