Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid Compliance and Disclosures

Engaged learning and progress towards your degree are part of Cleveland State University’s yearly objective. The Financial Aid Office would like to take this opportunity to wish you academic success, as well as remind you of a few very important federal regulations.  Click each the following links to learn more:

Standards of Academic Progress (SAP)

  • You must achieve satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward your degree in order to maintain eligibility for most types of financial aid. 
  • To maintain SAP, you must meet the following three components: grade point average, completion rate requirement, and maximum time frame for degree completion.   
  • Additionally, you must be eligible to continue in your program of study in order to receive financial aid.

Repeated Course Policy

  • Federal regulations allow a student to retake a course only once after receiving a passing grade and receive federal finanical aid for that course.
  • This rule applies to both Graduate and Undergrade students, regardless of whether or not your program requires a higher grade in order to have been considered to have passed the course.

Return of Title IV Funds Policy (R2T4)

  • Did you know that withdrawing from all your courses or failing to earn a passing grade may require the University to return all or a portion of your federal student aid (including loans)? 
  • Rules require a 60% completion of the enrolled academic period in order to have earned 100% of your federal student aid.

CSU’s Financial Aid Code of Conduct

  • Click the link above to learn more about the code of conduct for financial aid professionals.

Student Complaint Resolution

  • Click the link above to learn more about the University’s Student Grievenace Procedure and appealing resolution to the Ohio Department of Education.

Cohort Default Rate

  • Click the link above to learn more about Cohort Default Rates.  
  • Cleveland State's FY 2018 cohort default rate is 5.7% compared to the national average of 7.3%.  These rates were published on September 29, 2021 and can be found at the link above.