Financial Aid Office

Cost Of Attendance

CSU has made the tuition factor easier for you in two ways: first, by following the state mandated tuition freeze which has allowed students to pay the same cost per credit for the past 5 years, and second, CSU has implemented a tuition band between 12 and 18 credits. This means that as a student you can pay the same tuition for 18 credits in a semester as you would have for 12.

  • The cost of attendance (COA) is a very important concept for students to understand-- it is considered the estimated educational expenses for 2 semesters. Generally, the COA is the sum of tuitions, fees, books (or other educational expenses), transportation, living (on or off campus), and misc. expenses.
  • Each student will be charged tuition and fees, UPass, and all lab and technology fees. Tuition is based on a by credit fee and in-state residency, as well as academic program. Each student is considered full time at 12 credit hours. Students living in dorms will be charged room and board. All other fees associated with the COA are estimates and will be dependent on the student.

For billing inquires see CSU Treasury Services.

Tuition and Fees Schedule

COA Tuition and Fees are Based on a 2 Semester Estimate

Tuition and Fees (Full Time)

Undergraduate In-State     


Room/Board (On or Off Campus) $12,000
Personal/Misc. Expenses $1,700
Transportation $1,700
Books and Supplies $800
Loan Fees $78
TOTAL $26,230

*All totals except tuition is based on an estimated total.

To calculate Out of State, Graduate, or Law COA, please substitute the appropriate values from the below chart. 

Undergrad Out of State $13,934
Graduate $12,982
Graduate Out of State $21,958
Law First Year $27,360
Law First Year Out of State $37,580
Law Continuing $26,200
Law Continuing Out of State $35,954