Financial Aid

Visiting/Transient/Undergraduate Non-Degree Students

In general, CSU does not administer any form of financial aid to Visiting, Transient, and Undergrad Non-Degree students.

Budget payment plans may be available, at no additional cost, to help spread the cost of tuition by making payments over a number of months.  Please click here for more information.

Visiting Students:

  • Enrolled at another institution (known as the “home school”), but taking courses at CSU.
  • Will need to apply for financial aid through their home school.
  • Must make payment arrangements with CSU regardless of any aid that may be processed by your home school.
  • Generally need to complete a consortium agreement, which is obtained from your home school, and have signed by CSU’s Financial Aid Office.

Transient Students:

  • Enrolled at CSU, but taking courses at another institution.
  • Will not be eligible for financial aid at either school; you must be enrolled and taking courses at CSU in order to be considered for financial aid.
  • Check with your Advisor and the Registrar’s Office for the policy on taking classes at other institutions.

Undergraduate Non-Degree (UND):

  • Enrollment in an UND program will not qualify you for any form of financial aid, including Federal or Private Loans.
  • Check with your Advisor to determine if another enrollment status is an option, such as PostBaccalaureate or Graduate Non-Degree.