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Moving your Learn Original Course to Learn Ultra

Transitioning a Learn Original Course to Learn Ultra

While we will assist in the transition to Learn Ultra, it's never too late to begin getting your current course ready for the move. To make the move as painless as possible, please review all of the content in your course and delete anything that is no longer needed. You should also delete any unused or empty course menu items on the left hand navigation.

Folder Depth

Learn Ultra only allows for two folders deep. If you have content that uses additional depth of folders [such as Course Content (first folder) -> Module 1 (second folder) -> Assignments (third folder)], this content will need to be remedied either before the move to Ultra or after. Our recommendation is to remedy this before the course is converted in Learn Ultra.

Unsupported Tools in Learn Ultra

Below is a list of currently unsupported tools. If you are using any one of these, please consider revising the assignment to use one of the native options.

  • Blogs
  • Wikis