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CSU Course Template Refresh

The CSU Course Template has underwent periodic updates since we first started using it in 2014. You may be using an older version of the template that contains outdated information and broken links to university or third party resources. You can request to have the template content in your course updated to the latest versions. This content will include updates to:

  • Start Here -> Technical Requirements
  • Start Here -> Blackboard Tutorials
  • Course & Syllabus Information -> Accessibility Resources
  • Course & Syllabus Information -> Privacy Policies for Third Party Applications
  • University Resources for Students

The most current version of the CSU Course Template is from January 2020. You can verify what version of the template is in your course by checking the item at the bottom of the homepage titled CSU Course Template – Last Updated XXXX. For example:

CSU Course

Request a CSU Course Template Refresh:

(e.g. EDQ 101 Sec 500, Fall 20##, or Development_Johnson)