Center for eLearning

Proctoring Guidelines

You may have heard that a court held that CSU violated a student’s right to privacy in his home by requiring him to show his surroundings when taking an exam in his bedroom. The case is still active before the Court, and has not been finally resolved.   

In an effort to respect the Court’s decision prior to the case’s resolution, and to provide clarity for the CSU community, we want to inform you that:  

  • Your instructor determines how you will be assessed for each course, including whether examinations can be administered remotely and whether those examinations will be proctored using a third-party proctoring solution like HonorLock, ProctorU, Respondus, or a live proctor. This information will be provided to you in the syllabus. 
  • If you are taking a remotely proctored examination, you may be required to briefly show your surroundings using your web camera (a “room scan”) prior to beginning the exam, wherever you choose to take the exam. 
  • By choosing to take the exam your in home/dorm room you are consenting to the room scan of the area where you take the exam. 
  • If you do not wish to have your home/dorm room subject to the room scan, you may take the exam from another location where you won’t be interrupted including: 
    • CSU Testing Services; 
    • CSU’s library; 
    • A public library; 
  • Testing centers at your local community college or other community testing sites. 
  • ***It is your responsibility to identify an appropriate location to take your exams. Most locations, including CSU Testing Services, require at least 48 hours’ notice. 
  • The room scan will only be visible to CSU officials with a legitimate need to review the video. Other students will not be able to see your room scan. 
  • If you have, or require, testing accommodations please contact the Office of Disability and Testing Services (for disability accommodations) at or the Office for Institutional Equity for pregnancy, parenting and other accommodations at
  • If you have questions about the proctoring technology, please contact the Center for eLearning at