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Honorlock is an on-demand proctoring service that requires use of Google Chrome with an extension. Honorlock's smart proctoring system integrates seamlessly into Blackboard and allows you to customize exams, monitor performance, and generate robust analytics. Setup is fast, simple, and includes state-of-the-art security features not found in other remote proctoring solutions. You also have the option to offer proctored exams given in ANY third party platform such as Pearson MyMathLab, McGraw-Hill Connect, and WebAssign.

Students benefit from 24/7 scheduling of online exams whenever and wherever they choose. A lightweight browser plugin manages both exam registrations and proctoring events while Honorlock’s advanced AI platform handles the rest.

Faculty Training:

How to Add Honorlock to Your Course:

Step 1: Add the Honorlock tool to your course (Build Content -> Honorlock LTI) and name it Honorlock. This will place an Honorlock item to your course.

Build Content -> Honorlock LTI

Step 2: Name the tool Honorlock. You can provide the following optional description: Honorlock online remote proctoring.

Important: You must have Permit Users to View this Content set to Yes for the tool to work.

Honorlock LTI Settings

Step 3: You will now see the Honorlock tool in your course.

Honorlock Tool

Step 4: After you create a Test, you will see an Honorlock area in your Test Settings. Selecting Click to Enable will open the Honorlock settings area for that test.

Honorlock Test Settings​​​​​​​

For additional instructions, visit the following Honorlock Support page:

How to Create an Honorlock Practice Exam

There is a very simple process to help ensure your students are ready to use Honorlock. You have the ability, within the Honorlock LTI, to create a Practice Exam for students to get acclimated with the system and make sure they are prepared for their higher-stakes exams.

Follow the instructions at the following link to add this practice exam:

Helpful Resources: