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Monthly Feature Releases

Blackboard Learn Ultra Monthly Feature Releases and Highlights

Blackboard is now releasing updates the first Thursday of every month. Each month's Blackboard release contains bug fixes, enhancements to existing tools and new features. For a full list of bug fixes and feature releases, please visit Blackboard's Release Notes for Learn SaaS. Below are a highlight of each month's release:

June 2024 (Learn SaaS release 3900.93.0)
MAY 2024 (Learn SaaS release 3900.91.0)
April 2024 (Learn SaaS release 3900.89.0)
March 2024 (Learn SaaS release 3900.86.0)
February 2024 (Learn SaaS release 3900.84.0)
January 2024 (Learn SaaS release 3900.82.0)