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Panopto replaced Tegrity beginning Spring Semester, 2020. All lecture capture recordings should take place using Panopto at this time. Instructors will continue to have access to previous recordings on Tegrity and Mediasite until the full migration of content from these platforms to Panopto is completed. Like Tegrity, Panopto is a lecture capture software that allows the user to include video, audio, screen capture and slides into a recording.

Panopto can be used in the following ways:

  • Record in-person class sessions, using a video equipped classroom
  • Pre-record lectures for online classes
  • Have students create a recording for an assignment
  • Create video quizzes to serve as check-points while students are watching the lecture
  • Upload audio or video files to share files with other users
  • Create and share video tutorials

Instructors and students* access Panopto from the left navigation of a Blackboard course.

*May be unavailable if the link is hidden

Recording with Panopto
Panopto Creator Training Webinar



Moving Panopto Videos
Panopto Sharable Assignment
Panopto Individual Assignment

Tutorials for Migrated Tegrity Content:

Tutorials for Migrated Mediasite Content:

Video: Moving Mediasite Videos within Panopto

PDF icon How-to-Configure-Your-Course-For-Panopto-and-Move-Mediasite-Presentations-Converted-to-Panopto-2.pdf