Center for eLearning

Recent Blackboard Changes

As we continue on our path to modernizing Blackboard, some updates were made over the semester break that you should be aware of to help navigate the changes.

TERMS: Courses in Blackboard are now associated with a term. Terms allow for each semester offering to be grouped together. To assist in finding previously taught courses, please use the dropdown at the top of the Current Courses page.

Image showing dropdown option on the Current Courses page

PANOPTO VIDEO: We completed a required update of the Panopto integration with Blackboard that has resulted in a few changes to Panopto.

  1. In Spring 24 (and future) courses, you will still see the Panopto video link in your left navigation. The Panopto Video left navigation link is no longer available in previous courses. Your videos can still be accessed in your Panopto interface/Blackboard folder by going into the Panopto interface, navigating to Browse and clicking on the folder named Blackboard. If you want to move videos from a previous semester to your course folder for this semester, you can do so from the Panopto interface. See Move Panopto Videos from Semester to Semester instructions on our website.

    Screenshot showing Panopto's interface

  2. Previously embedded videos will still work. However, the Panopto image will appear broken (see image below) and you cannot edit them.

Panopto Broken Image

The only way to fix this broken image link issue is to recreate the Panopto Embeds and/or Panopto links. To do so, use one of the following methods below:

  • Click Build Content -> Panopto Video Link. This will embed only a link to the video, but will not embed the video as it once did.
    • Panopto Link in Blackboard
  • Click Build Content -> Item -> Plus Sign -> Panopto Video Link. This will embed the video as we once could, but we lose the Panopto logo on the left of the item.
    • Panopto Embed in Blackboard