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What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters LogoCleveland State University is committed to providing quality online instruction to our students. We are applying rigorous, research-based Quality Matters standards to the design of eLearning courses. Nationally recognized Quality Matters standards assure that the online components of these courses promote learner engagement and provide students with the tools and information they need to be successful. Students can be confident that online programs at Cleveland State University are designed to meet the highest standards and best practices for online learning. More information regarding Quality Matters can be found at


QM Implementation Plan LogoCleveland State has been a member of the Ohio QM Consortium since its inception in 2007. Courses developed by the Center for eLearning adhere to QM design standards. The Center encourages faculty to become QM Peer Reviewers and to participate in the QM Review Process, as well as have their course QM Reviewed. To learn more about becoming a QM Peer Reviewer or to have your course reviewed, contact Sarah Rutland, Manager of Operations and Quality Assurance, at or 216.802.3147.

 QM Implementation Plan at CSU

 QM at a Glance at CSU

QM Resources

Quality Matters Recognized Courses at CSU

QM Recognized Courses
Course Number Course Title Faculty Developer Year(s) Recognized
ACT 600 Managerial Accounting Heidi Meier 2013 / 2018
ALD 646 HRD for Adult Educators Catherine Monaghan 2012
CHM 251 College Chemistry I Anne O'Connor 2017
CHM 252 College Chemistry II Anne O'Connor 2017
CNS 679 Program Development and Management in School Counseling Dakota King-White 2018
COM 303 Communication Inquiry Jeffrey Bolt 2018 / 2023
CSC 321 Employment Strategies Elizabeth Qkwudi 2010
ECN 503 Economic Concepts Subhra Saha 2012
ENG 101 College Writing I Rajeswari Mohan 2010
ENG 102 College Writing II Rajeswari Mohan 2010
ESE 404/504 Teaching Students with Varying Abilities Deborah Webster 2011
ESE 416/516 Life Skills and Career Planning in Special Education Deborah Webster 2011
ETE 567 Telecommunications in Education William Beasley 2010
FIN 353 Intro to Investments Wei Wang 2021
FIN 601 Financial Policies Haigang Zhou 2016
HED 473/573 Teaching Human Sexuality Judy Ausherman 2010 / 2016
HED 474/574 Stress Management Manuella Crawley 2016
HED 550 Theories in Health Education/Behavior Sheila Patterson 2017
HED 553 Measuremt/Eval of Health Programs Manuella Crawley 2016
HED 565 Fiscal Development and Grants Management Becky Smith 2017
HED 577 Social Issues in Nutrition Kristen Murray 2017
HED 585 Worksite Health Promotion Manuella Crawley 2018
HED 588 Ethics and Health Behavior Sheila Patterson 2016
HED 592 Health Literacy and Health Care Amy Thompson 2017
HIS 102 Western Civilization II Pete Rottier 2010
HSC 200 Introduction to Health Sciences Manuella Crawley 2021
IST 305 Information Technology for Competitive Advantage Sharen Bakke 2010 / 2017
MBA 600 Team Dynamics Tracy Porter 2013
MBA 602 International Business Jieun Park 2016
MLR 501 Management & Organizational Behavior Tracy Porter 2012
NUR 440 Community Health Nursing Joan Thoman 2016
NUR 441 Primary Preventive Strategies for Communities – Clinical Joan Thoman 2016
NUR 346 Professional Writing & Communication Maureen Mitchell 2011
NUR 360 Nursing Research Cheryl Delgado 2010
NUR 501 Introduction to Population Health Nursing Linda Wolf 2013
NUR 502 Theory Development in Nursing Cheryl Delgado 2013
NUR 503 Evidence Based Practice Linda Wolf 2014
NUR 505 Demography & Epidemiology Maureen Mitchell 2010
NUR 510 Ethics for Advanced Practice Nursing Cheryl Delgado 2014
NUR 511 Intro to Forensic Nursing Cheryl Delgado 2014
NUR 512 Forensics Methodologies Cheryl Delgado 2014
NUR 520 Curriculum Development in Nursing Linda Wolf 2015
NUR 601 Nursing Research Cheryl Delgado 2012
NUR 602 Health Care Policy Maureen Mitchell 2011
NUR 603 Healthcare Finance in Nursing Practice Maureen Mitchell 2011
NUR 604 Nursing of Populations I Cheryl Delgado 2014
NUR 605 Nursing of Populations II Maureen Mitchell 2013
NUR 617 The Legal System Maria Gibson 2015
NUR 626 Practicum in Nursing Education Maureen Mitchell 2012
NUR 627 Issues and Trends in Nursing Education Maureen Mitchell 2011
OSM 311 Intro to Operations Management Susan Slotnick 2013 / 2018
OSM 511 Operations Management Susan Slotnick 2012
PED 461/561 Sports Governance Eddie T.C. Lam 2014
PHL 446/546 Ethics of Human Reproduction Sonya Charles 2017
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology Marnie Rodriguez 2013 / 2018
SWK 304 Perspectives on Social Work Research I Patricia Stoddard Dare 2014 / 2019
SWK 305 Perspectives on Social Work Research II Christopher Mallett 2012
SWK 494/694 Theories & Procedures in Addiction Studies Patricia Stoddard Date 2014 / 2019
UST 202 The African-American Experience Richard Klein 2011
UST 458 Urban Policy Caryn Lanzo 2010 / 2016
UST 459 Budgeting and Policy Analysis Tatyana Guzman 2017

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