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Faculty who complete three courses and/or activities will be eligible to receive a one-time $500 F.O.T.D. and Beyond stipend upon completion. Faculty must complete within one year from the beginning of their first course. Faculty may be full-time or part-time. You are welcome to complete additional courses without a stipend once you complete the required three. Others with the primary role of staff or students are not eligible to receive the stipend, but are welcome to participate. Don't get stuck on the Event Horizon! Be sure to finish on time!

Once you have completed three destinations, please submit the completion form to request your stipend.

Please note: You must have completed the F.O.T.D. to be eligible for the F.O.T.D. and Beyond courses listed below.

Session Name Session date description registration
Introduction to Panopto Friday, February 3rd - Friday, February 10th

Panopto is a lecture capture software that allows the user to include video, audio, screen capture and slides into a recording. It can be used to record lectures or presentations for your students. Panopto is integrated with Blackboard and available in all Blackboard course shells. This self-paced, two-week course will cover the following topics:

  • Downloading the Panopto Recorder to your computer
  • Create a Simple Recording (PC and Mac)
  • Simple Edits to a Recording
  • Sharing Panopto Videos
  • Moving Panopto Videos
  • Student Panopto Video Assignments
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Saving Time with the Grade Center Friday, February 10th – Sunday, February 19th This one-week online workshop will help you save time facilitating your course by teaching you how to effectively use Blackboard's Grade Center. We will cover how to efficiently give feedback, manage columns and reports, properly design weighted grades and create SmartViews. Register Today
Best Practices in Online Teaching Friday, March 4th - Friday, March 11th This two-week course expands on some of the foundational best practices you learned in the Faculty Online Teaching and Design course (F.O.T.D.), namely ensuring instructor presence and establishing clear expectations. The course will also introduce you to additional best practices you may use while teaching online. We will study these best practices in terms of their practical applications to your professional practice while examining when and how to utilize them in your own course. Register Today
Pressbooks and Open Pedagogy Friday, March 3rd – Monday, March 13th Do you have an interest in writing or remixing open educational resources for courses? Or, have you ever had an idea for an assignment that could become an open resource for the world to learn from? Come check out Pressbooks and learn about other authoring technology for creating open educational resources. In this course you will design a renewable assignment, based on OER-enabled pedagogy. You’ll get tips on what can help you plan an open assignment with your students and learn about open projects that other faculty have done with their students. Register Today
Creating Accessible Word Documents Friday, March 31st - Monday, April 10th This one-week course is designed to help you implement techniques in Word that build in accessibility for people with disabilities. It would be ideal to take this course before the other accessibility courses. It contains an introduction to understanding accessibility, the laws, and how people with disabilities navigate online content. In the next module, you learn how to use Word styles, ensure your colors meet color contrast requirements for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, add alternative text for non-text elements, create accessible tables, provide descriptive hyperlink text, format without adding multiple line returns, and use Word’s built-in accessibility checker. Register Today