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Cross-List Request

Course Shells can be combined in Blackboard Learn in order for more than one course to share one single course shell in the system. This process must be completed in CampusNet or by the Center for eLearning. (Note: courses already combined in CampusNet cannot be cross-listed again in Blackboard.)

Combined courses are courses that are listed in CampusNet as the students being in the same class. An example would be a section of graduate and undergraduate students that would have been in the same physical classroom at the same time. 

Cross-listed courses are courses that would not be meeting at the same time. An example would be an instructor who is teaching several sections of the same class and wants the students all added to a single course shell. (Note: if you want a course cross-listed, you should request that to be done before you add content to either of the course shells. If either course shell has content, you will need to copy it into a Master Shell so that the content is not overwritten.)

Cross-List Request:

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