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Blackboard Course Limit Increase Request

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Beginning Spring semester, 2021, we implemented course size limits within the Blackboard environment. Each course has a limit of 1 GB (1000 MB) of total space. This will help CSU to stay within contracted space allowances. If you are close or over your 1 GB limit, you will receive a Blackboard notification. If you are receiving this notification, please refrain from uploading video content into your Blackboard courses. Video content should only be uploaded to Panopto.

If you have video content uploaded to your Blackboard course that you want to preserve, download it from Blackboard, upload it to Panopto and redo the links in your course content area to point to the Panopto video. Please follow our instructions for downloading your videos from Blackboard for upload into Panopto.

If you have ensured that your course is free of video content and are still over your limit, please complete the form below for an additional allotment of space in the amount of 100MB. This form may only be used once per course.