Class Registration and Advising

New F-1 international students have an INR hold on their CSU account. This hold prevents course registration. The INR hold is removed once a student completes the Vikes International Check-In (V.I.C.) program and/or upload copies of their immigration documents AFTER arriving in the USA.

All students should meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for courses to ensure proper course enrollment, an important component in maintaining F-1 status. After meeting with an advisor, students can register for classes using CampusNet. Special registration processes like departmental approvals and pre-requisite overrides must be handled in advance. If a class is full, please join the waitlist. For advice on how to use the Add/Drop function in CampusNet please visit the Register for Classes website which contains a helpful "How to Enroll" video. 

Undergraduates: First-year and Transfer

Identifying your academic advisor at Cleveland State is easy!  Check your “Success Network” in Starfish to identify your assigned academic advisor.  To access your Starfish account:

  • Log into CampusNet from the CSU main web page
  • In your CampusNet Student tab, click on the blue Starfish link
  • Once in Starfish, check your “My Success Network” for your assigned academic advisor

You can schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor by clicking on your academic advisor’s name or on the “see available appointments” link just below the academic advisor’s name.

First Year students can drop in to "Virtual Drop-In Advising" any day from 1:00-4:30pm.

We strongly encourage you to develop and maintain an on-going relationship with your academic advisor to ensure that you receive all of the support and assistance that you need to achieve your academic goals and maintain progress towards degree completion and graduation. 

*Be advised that you may be required to take English and Math Placement tests prior to registration. Placement tests can be taken online. Visit the Testing Services website for more information regarding the process.

Undergraduate Transfer Credits

Cleveland State University accepts transfer credit for transcripted academic work completed at other international colleges or universities that are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education within their countries. Please contact All-In-One Enrollment Services if you have questions. 

At the time of admission your transcripts will be unofficially evaluated for transfer of credit. A complete course equivalency evaluation will only happen at the request of a student at the time of the first academic advising appointment, depending on the college. Please visit the Registrar's Office website for additional information.  At the time of the first academic advising appointment please be prepared to present your academic advisor with: 

  • Course syllabi from classes completed abroad (must be in English) or
  • University course catalogues with class descriptions (must be in English) 

Please note that Cleveland State’s policy is to transfer in all courses in which a D grade (or its equivalent) or better is earned. There is no a limit to the number of credit hours that can be transferred into an undergraduate record at CSU. However, in most cases none of these classes will count towards any specific CSU requirement unless approved by the CSU academic department chairperson where the class best fits. CSU's requirements include University requirements ("gen eds"), College requirements and major requirements. Please contact your academic adviser about the course equivalency review process for your College.

Generally speaking, transfer students must complete at least fifty percent of their required major requirements at CSU and fulfill the CSU residency requirement of at least 30 credits at CSU. Please contact your academic adviser for a complete picture of the current academic rules.


Graduate Students

Graduate advising is conducted by the Graduate Program Director in the department which houses your program of study. Students should e-mail their Program Director to schedule an appointment. There is a very useful chart of Program Directors, by program and college, created by the Grad Admissions office.  Go here then click on Graduate Programs Offered, in the left margin, to find your program director.

Review the CSU Graduate Academic Catalog for more information on the requirements of your degree program.  Once you have been admitted to CSU, received your visa, and committed to attending CSU, please check-in with the CISP staff by attending a VIP session and then meet with your graduate program advisor. You will then be able to register for classes.