International Agreements

All binding international agreements must be approved by the Provost prior to negotiation or related travel.  Non-binding MOUs do not require prior approval if the approved MOU Template is used.  A non-binding MOU is an aspirational statement proposing future cooperation, but does not include any specific requirements or obligations for CSU.  Either the Center for International Services and Programs or the Office of General Counsel can provide you with the General MOU Template for non-binding agreements. Please complete and submit the International Agreement Questionnaire to the Office of Provost.

Microsoft Office document iconInternational Agreement Questionnaire
FileGeneral MOU Template

An Articulation Agreement or Program Activity Agreement would be considered a binding agreement whereby responsibilities are clearly outlined for each party. These include the creation of joint degree programs and reciprocial student exchanges. These agreements typically involve greater resources including financial obligations.

Active Agreements- Last updated December 2019

Country Institution  Type Start Date End Date 
Argentina Universidad Nacional de Tucuman MOU, Reciprocal Student Exchange 1999, 11/17/2008 no end date
Brazil Universidade Federal de Uberlândia  MOU 1/25/2018 1/24/2023
Chile Universidad de Concepcion MOU  6/24/2002 no end date
China (PRC) Beijing Prepare Representative Agreement  2016 2026
China (PRC) Capital University of Business and Economics Agreement to create joint Center for Financial Studies 12/9/2016 pending renewal
China (PRC) Capital University of Business and Economics MOU  10/30/2013 renewal pending
China (PRC) Capital University of Business and Economics Student/Faculty Exchange 10/30/2013 renewal pending
China (PRC) China University of Petroleum (East China) Dual Degree Articulation Agreement   5/2/2018 5/1/2028
China (PRC) Confucius Institute Headquarters of China (HANBAN) MOU 05/20/2013, 07/27/2017, 07/28/2018 7/27/2025
China (PRC) Henan University (HU) MOU 1/15/2019 1/14/2022
China (PRC) Henan University of Engineering Joint Program  3/31/2016 3/20/2026
China (PRC) ISEC - Dong Fang International Center for Educational Exchange  Articulation Agreement  4/25/2016 no end date
China (PRC) Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine MOU  5/12/2017 5/11/2020
China (PRC) Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology (JICT)- Beijing Prepare Joint Program  9/1/2016 9/1/2026
China (PRC) Jilin University MOU , Short term students 11/6/2013 pending renewal
China (PRC) Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine MOU 2/21/2017 2/20/2020
China (PRC) Northeastern University MOU  1/18/2017 1/17/2020
China (PRC) Qingdao University MOU  12/5/2016 12/4/2019
China (PRC) Shenyang Pharmaceutical University MOU  10/20/2010 1/16/2020
China (PRC) Wangjing Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing  MOU 5/11/2018 5/10/2021
China (RPC) Zhejiang Normal University, Xinghi College  MOU 2019 2024
Finland University of Jyvaskyla MOU 7/21/2017 7/20/2022
France ESC Clermont-Ferrand MOU. Reciprocal Student Exchange  1993, 2003, 2018 2023
Guatemala Proyecto Linguistico Francisco Marroquin MOU  1/13/2005 no end date
Guatemala Rafael Landivar University MOU 10/3/2003 no end date
Hungary Hungarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange MOU  08/2016 08/2021
Hungary Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOU, Professor placement beginning in 2020 06/11/2019 08/31/2024
Hungary University of Szeged MOU 06/10/2011 no end date
Hungary Liszt Academy MOU 08/31/2018 08/30/2021
India Punjab Engineering College MOU 11/21/2019 11/20/2022
India Pondicherry University MOU  11/21/2016 11/20/2021
Indonesia Presada University  MOU, Articulation Agreement  7/8/1997 no end date
Indonesia Universitas Pertamina MOU 9/15/2018 9/14/2023
Italy Fondazione Studi Universitari di Vicenza MOU 4/6/2011 no end date
Japan Osaka University of Economics and Law Agreement to provide access to ESL program 6/7/2018 06/06/2023
Korea, Republic of Chung Ang University MOU Began in 1997, renewed 6/23/2015 pending
Korea, Republic of Chung Ang University Reciprocal Student Exchange   6/23/2015 pending
Korea, Republic of  Kyungpook National University MOU 2019 2024
Korea, Republic of Konkuk University MOU 6/27/2019 6/26/2022
Lebanon Holy Spirit University of Kaslik MOU, Joint Research 5/10/2016 5/9/2021
Poland Jagiellonian University MOU, Cooperation 08/26/1981, 1999 no end date
Poland Wroclaw University of Technology MOU 1999 no end date
Russia IREX  MOU 10/18/2000 no end date
Slovenia New University MOU 9/16/2018 9/15/2021
Slovenia University of Ljubljana , Faculty of Arts MOU 9/10/2018 9/9/2021
Turkey Altinbas University MOU 10/31/2017 10/30/2022
Turkey Altinbas University Reciprocal Student Exchange 10/31/2017 10/30/2022
Turkey Altinbas University Erasmus + Exchange Agreement 1/24/2018 2021
Turkey Altinbas 4+1 Master of Global Interactions 7/16/2019 7/15/2024