CPT Eligility

CPT Eligibility
  • Student in F-1 non-immigrant status
  • Student maintaining legal F-1 status and making progress to complete degree program
  • Student enrolled full-time for at least 1 academic year
    • Have been enrolled for at least 2 academic semesters (read: a minimum of 9-months of academic study).
  • CPT must directly connect to your degree program as noted on Form I-20.
  • Student applies and is granted CPT work permission through CISP
  • CPT is a benefit, not a right.
  • Can facilitate employment and/or training that is an INTEGRAL part of an established curriculum.
  • Authorization will be granted solely for experiential activity that has a strong and measurable connection to the student’s academic program, like a for-credit internship or cooperative education.
  • Dropping CPT course has serious consequences
  • Must be credit-bearing.
  • Activities can be paid or unpaid.
  • Is approved by the CISP, not by the USCIS.
  • All CPT activity will be closely monitored.
  • Authorization dates must match a given semester.
Who is eligible for CPT?
  • Completing Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree
  • Completed two consecutive semesters as a full-time student
    • Fall and Spring
    • Spring and Fall
    • Spring and Summer
    • Summer and Fall 
  • Within timeframe it takes average student to complete degree
  • 60 months for Bachelor’s degree
  • 24 months for Master’s degree without a thesis
  • 36 months for Master’s degree with a thesis
  • 60 months for a Doctoral degree
Who is not eligible for CPT? 
  • Completed all requirements for degree program (applied to graduate and only needs current enrollment to graduate)
  • Student who wants CPT based on a minor
  • Student who wants a program extension to request CPT
  • CPT students must make “normal academic progress” to be eligible for CPT; a history of unsatisfactory academic performance is a bar to CPT participation.
    • CPT students that are on academic warning, probation, or is below the minimum GPA requirements for graduation (2.0 for undergraduate, 2.25 for law school, & 3.0 for graduate). 
  • CPT students may not take an “incomplete” for the CPT experience.  An “incomplete” or “I” grade will be a bar to future CPT participation.
  • Additional CPT authorization will not be provided for a CPT student to complete an “incomplete” internship or Co-Op experience.