How much CPT can I use?

  • You must be registered full time during Fall and Spring semester including the CPT required course. 
  • Graduate students must maintain 9 credit hours
  • Undergraduate students must maintain 12 credit hours
  • This can only be waived if you are completing CPT in the Summer or it is your last semester and you need 1 or 2 courses to complete the degree (registering the CPT course is still required). 
How much CPT can I use?
  • CPT available for each level of education you pursue
  • Student may request multiple CPT authorizations during each level
  • Must continue to make normal progress toward completion of degree
  • 365 days of full-time CPT eliminates Optional Practical Training (OPT) benefits
  • Part time CPT does not eliminate Optional Practical Training (OPT) benefits
How do I count CPT used?
  • Part-time: 20 or fewer hours each week
  • Full-time: More than 20 hours each week
  • Each week: Not average hours worked per week, but hours worked each week
  • All days: Count work days, weekends, holidays, vacation days, time outside the U.S. during CPT