Transferring SEVIS Record to CSU


The student must maintain F-1 status at your current school by pursuing a full course of study or be engaged in post-completion optional practical training (OPT) until the transfer release date to Cleveland State University.

The student must be accepted by Cleveland State University. The student should have the following information to start the Form I-20 issuance process for CSU:

  • Written confirmation of the acceptance from Cleveland State University
  • Financial documentation
  • Current SEVIS record released to Cleveland State University (SEVIS Code for CSU: CLE214F00211000)

The student should contact their current Immigration Office to choose a transfer release date for the Form I-20 to be sent to Cleveland State University. Base the release date on the student’s academic needs, travel and work plans and projected program start date at the transfer-in school.

On the transfer release date, the Form I-20 will be electronically sent to Cleveland State for processing and to create a Form I-20 issued for the reason of transfer. This Form I-20 will have the student’s new program start date. It is important that the student get a new valid Form I-20 as quickly as possible. The Form I-20 from your school will no longer be valid.

A transferring student must also contact Cleveland State University within 15 days of the program start date and register for classes. These students need to ensure that the DSO at the transfer-in school has all the information needed to update the SEVIS record, including any change of address. Once a transfer student registers, the student should ask for a Form I-20 that shows the status as a continuing student and that the transfer is approved.

Important Note: The CISP will no longer be completing “SEVIS Transfer Forms” for other schools and CISP does not have a “Transfer in form”.  The information needed for a school-to-school transfer in SEVIS may be obtained by reviewing your current immigration documents, including the CSU-issued Form I-20.