CPT Application Process

How to Apply

Do not start a job or internship until you receive CPT authorization from CISP International Team (new I-20).

Allow 5 business days for processing.

Application Overview:
  • Confirm eligibility for CPT
  • Contact your department adviser to learn about the internship course credit policy in your academic department.
  • Find a job/internship offer
  • Submit a complete CPT application to the CISP Intenrational Team for processing (CPT Workshop Schedule) 
    • An incomplete CPT application will delay processing!
  • Wait for notification email that the CPT I20 is ready for pick up from the CISP International Team
After you submit the student section:
  • The application will be reviewed by the CISP International Team
  • CISP requires 5 business days for processing from date we receive the completed CPT application 
  • Do not begin working until (a) you have received your I-20 endorsed for CPT and (b) the date listed on page 2 of your new I-20.
  • You might need to contact your employer/CPT supervisor to defer your start date if you don’t allow enough time for CISP processing.
  • You will receive an email notification from CISP when your CPT approval (new I-20) is ready.