After CPT Approval

After CPT Approval
  1. Review your CPT authorization (printed on page 2 of your new I-20).
  2. Think of your CPT application and authorization as a contract. Follow the rules of the authorization; don’t work outside of the start and end dates.
  3. DO NOT Drop the CPT courses credits, it is a violation of the F-1 regulations, and you will not be eligible for future CPT or OPT.
  4. Notify CISP of any changes, such as ending the training position early, not doing the job, etc.
  5. If your CPT position is paid, apply for a Social Security Number if you don’t already have an SSN.
  6. If your CPT position is paid, use your new I-20 with CPT approval, together with your passport and I-94 record, as proof of your eligibility to work. These documents may be used to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 that all U.S. employers are required to complete.