Office of the University Registrar

University Registrar Forms

Enrollment and Registration Materials
  • Enrollment Form Revised July 2019
    This form is a supplement to CampusNet to assist in course enrollment and changes not accomplished by the student using CampusNet.
  • Cross Registration Form Revised January 2010
    Use this form to register in undergraduate study on a no-fee basis at one of the 14 participating member institutions in the Academic Enrichment Program.
  • Enrollment Certification Request Revised July 2019
    This form is used to request that the college verify your enrollment for the current semester to a third party via a letter that can be picked up, faxed or mailed.  *** Given the current situation with the stay-at-home order from the governor due to COVID-19, the coronavirus, we will not be able to process enrollment verification requests to be picked up or mailed.  We recommend requesting the enrollment verifications be electronically delivered via email.***
  • Repeated Course Option Form Revised July 2019
    Use this form to process repeating a class to improve upon a grade of "D" or below if the class was originally taken during Quarters or the class does not have the same course title, abbreviation or catalog number.
  • Return From Leave of Absence Form Revised July 2019
    Use this form to notify the University of your intention to return. This does not include if you were on leave due to academic dismissal or attended another university.

Graduate Student Only:​​​​​​​

Undergraduate Student Only:

Petitions and Reinstatement Forms
  • Undergraduate Request for Academic Reassessment Revised July 2019
    The Academic Reassessment Policy is designed to facilitate the return to good academic standing of students who have accumulated poor grades in the early stages of their education at Cleveland State University.
  • Ohio Residency Petition Revised February 2016
    This form is used to apply for residential status in the State of Ohio for tuition purposes.
  • University Petition Revised August 2019
    This form can be used to request action from the University related to waivers, status and other issues.
Graduation Forms


Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) Forms
Additional Forms

  • ***Change of Grading Status form is NOT  for COVID-19 Pass/Fail requests. Change of Grading Status forms received after stated deadlines will not be accepted and cannot be used for COVID-19 related Pass/Fail grading status requests *** 
    • Change of Grading Status Revised March 2021
      After reviewing deadlines and consulting with your academic advisor, use this form to request that a class you are taking be changed to a different Grading Status.   *** Requests for Pass/Fail for COVID-19 related requests using this form will not be accepted.

  • Change of Information Form Revised July 2019
    Use this form to keep your basic information up to date at CSU.
  • Credit by Exam Form Revised February 2012
    After obtaining Department approval, use this form to pay a fee to apply to take a test for credit in an area as an alternative to taking the class.
  • Directory Information Restriction Request Form Revised August 2019
    Notify the University of your desire to restrict the release of information to third party entities.
  • Directory Information Request -Student Address Information Revised September 2016
    Restricted to elected officials for congratulatory letters and potential non-profit scholarship sponsors.
  • Exit Evaluation Course Registration Form Revised August 2019
    Use this form to register for an exit evaluation course, such as: PSY 499, BIO 499, GEO 499, HSC 499, or EVS 499. All degree requirements must be met prior to registering for an exit evaluation course.
  • FERPA Release Form Revised May 2012
    Use this form to permit the release of information from your CSU records to a third party.
  • FERPA Consent Related to Classroom Recordings Revised August 2020
    ​​​​​​​Use this form to permit the potential release of your audio, video and likeness recorded in a specific course to third parties.
  • Late Registration Fee Reimbursement Request Revised August 2019
    Use this form to request a reimbursement of the late registration fee assessed to late registration. Full explanation is required.
  • Official Academic Transcript Request Revised  August 2019
    Use this form to obtain an official copy of your transcript. ***Given the current situation with the stay-at-home order from the governor due to COVID-19, the coronavirus, we will not be able to process mailed paper transcript request or paper pick up transcript requests.  We recommend requesting transcripts in the form of electronic transcripts by ordering online.***
  • Authorization for Official Document Pick Up Form Revised August 2019
    Use this form to authorize a third party to pick up an official document for you.