Reciprocal International Exchanges

Chung Ang University Seoul, Korea Most disciplines (courses taught in English)

Cleveland State is pleased to offer reciprocal exchange options to undergraduates. A semester or year-long direct exchange program makes a lot of financial sense to in-state students as they can study abroad while paying their regular in-state CSU tuition.  Like all approved international programs, financial aid will apply and scholarships are available. For information on our domestic exchange options (plus Canada) please see the National Student Exchange

To be eligible to participate in an exchange, applicants must be nominated by their home university. At CSU, the Center for International Services and Programs manages the exchange process. CSU students must be studying at the undergraduate level and have successfully completed two semesters at CSU or one semester if a transfer student to be considered. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is also required to be nominated for an exchange.

No CSU faculty will accompany you when you study through a reciprocal exchange but you will not be alone. Each host university has an international student office that will be responsible for you and other exchange students from around the world. They will offer you guidance and assistance including but not limited to an orientation program, a buddy system, and cultural excursions, etc. to assist you in your adjustment.

Exchange students will enroll in the host institution's courses alongside local and other international students,  earning 12 to 18 credits (or the equivalent) per semester. Courses are offered in many different disciplines, either in English or in the host country's language, depending on the location. All outbound exchange participants pay their CSU tuition and a $150 administrative fee to CSU for their academic term abroad. Lodging, food and personal expenses are paid by the student abroad. Additional fees include airfare, visa fees, health insurance, etc.

Please note that due to the true nature of the exchange, only a small number of CSU students can exchange each semester. CSU can only send as many students abroad as each partner institution sends to CSU; so space is very limited and exchange slots fill up quickly. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis so it pays to plan in advance - don't miss out on this opportunity. If you think reciprocal exchange is right for you, go ahead and begin planning a full semester or even a year ahead!