Non-CSU Students on CSU Programs

Non-CSU students may apply for admission to CSU Faculty Led Programs

Non-CSU students must be admitted to CSU as a transient student for the semester of the scheduled study abroad course / program and be able to participate in all required pre-departure activities associated with the program. The student will also need to submit a Non-CSU Study Abroad Approval form and the program application.

Required documents:

1. Transient application at Cleveland State University to gain non-degree student status. This form should be completed on-line through the link provided and will be processed immediately by the Office of the University Registrar. There is no fee for the transient application. 

2. Non-CSU Education Abroad Approval form Please fill out the top portion and give the document to your university's Education Abroad Advisor for completion. PDF icon NON-CSU STUDY ABROAD ADVISOR APPROVAL FORM.pdf
If you are not currently enrolled in a university, please contact the Center for International Services and Programs regarding participation in  a CSU faculty-led program abroad as a community member. 

3. Program application The program application generally can be found on the program webpage. If you cannot access the application, please contact the CSU International Center. Please also plan to pay the $250 refundable.

All documents should be submitted to the  Center for International Services and Programs. Documents may be hadn delivered to the office,  scanned and emailed, or mailed.

Mailing Address (USPS)
Center for International Services and Programs
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Avenue, BH 412
Cleveland, OH 44115

Mailing Address using DHL, FedEx, or UPS
Center for International Services and Programs
Cleveland State University
1899 East 22nd Street, Berkman Hall 412
Cleveland, OH 44115Fax number: 216-687-3965