Inviting Foreign Guests for Commencement or Family Visit

If you wish to invite a member of your family to come to the United States on a B-2 visa (visitor for touristic purposes), you may wish to follow the steps below. Please keep in mind the suggested procedure is for visitor visa applications only.

1. Write a letter (see template below) to the nonimmigrant visa officer in which you:

  • Indicate the expected length of visit and preferred arrival date
  • Indicate pertinent biographical information of the visitors (i.e... name, relationship to you, date of birth, country of citizenship)
  • If you wish to add information regarding your gradation date.
  • Date and sign the form

2. Request an Enrollment Certification/Registration letter. This letter can be requested from Campus 411 All-in-One.

3. Each family remember should receive their own separate letter from you.

4. Do not mail this letter to the embassy/consulate. Ask your guest to include it with the Enrollment Verification letter to the visa interview.