Fees and Finances

Preparing your finances and budget ahead of time will go a long way in helping ensure a smooth arrival and transition to Cleveland State University. We advise you not to bring large amounts of cash with you to Cleveland. Please choose instead to wire money or use bank cards upon your arrival. You may wish to have some USD on hand when you land or you can use the conveniently located ATM machines in the airport terminals or the foreign currency exchange desk at burrency exchange desks in airports.

Bank drafts are not very practical for immediate expenses as they will not provide immediate cash. Any local Cleveland bank will take at least two weeks to verify that funds are available before disbursing them and may impose hefty fees. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants, stores, and most businesses in Cleveland and the US.

If you are a new graduate student who has been offered employment in your academic department, you will not receive your first paycheck until about five weeks after beginning your job. Please note that all paychecks are subject to applicable tax deductions. 

Cleveland State offers several payment options, including a budget payment plan. Please visit the Bursar's website, How to Pay. 


Tuition and fees are automatically calculated each semester based on your academic level, residency, and your course enrollment. Paper invoices are no longer generated. Check your CampusNet "Account" tab for your balance due only after you have registered for classes. Please visit the Bursar's Office for the current academic year's tuition and fees. New tuition and fees rates are typically announced in the summer prior to the start of the new academic year. 

When to Pay

All payments are due on the MONDAY prior to the first day of instruction each semester. A student account must be paid in full or you must be enrolled in a budget payment plan before the first day of academic instruction in order to avoid late payment penalties (typically a $100 late payment fee per month), debit collection activity and account holds. The University will not enroll a student or provide a transcript to any student or former student who has any financial obligation to the University (other than a loan not yet due).

Students who have an unpaid balance or are not up to date with their budget payment plan installments will not be permitted to keep their future term enrollment. Students who have an outstanding balance at the end of a term may not participate in an upcoming term until their debt has been satisfied or reduced to an acceptable level. This may have immigration status implications. 

Wire Transfer Payments

Cleveland State University does not accept foreign checks. For the benefit of our international students, wire transfers are the preferred method of remitting payments. This allows a student to access their funds within 48 hours rather than the usual six to eight weeks required for processing a foreign check.

International students should utilize Flywire when paying from outside of the U.S. Go to to begin. You can also learn more here.