Fall orientations occur during the late summer (August) in Cleveland which is typically warm and humid. September to December are mild to cold months in Cleveland. Temperature ranges between 70 degrees F, (degrees 21C) to 32 degrees F (degrees 0C ) with typical spikes in either direction. Summer clothing gives way to sweater and then winter coats, hats, gloves and boots in winter.

Spring orientations occur during the winter months in Cleveland. If you are arriving in Cleveland for a spring semester start (January), you will need an insulated or heavy coat plus hat, scarf, gloves and snow boots soon upon arrival. The average January temperature is 28.5 Fahrenheit (-1.9 Celsius). The average annual snowfall in Cleveland is 40 inches (101.6 cm). Students should pack warm clothing appropriate for cold winter weather or should allocate some of their budget to purchasing winter gear upon arrival in Cleveland to avoid frost bite. 

If you are coming to Cleveland from a warm climate, it may be more affordable to purchase winter clothing after your arrival in Ohio.