Education Abroad Programs

Education abroad for credit (or study abroad) can be organized into 3 different program types:

flpUniversity-sponsored Programs Abroad  are short-term programs led by CSU faculty or staff and offer CSU residency credits and charge CSU tuition.

CSU faculty members take students on study tours or programs during breaks or in the summer. Cleveland State sponsors 3 to 4 programs each year in countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Ghana, and Spain. Click the link for an up-to-date list of program offerings. Typical program length: 10 days to 4 weeks.

exAffiliate Programs result in study abroad transfer credits, no tuition paid to CSU (paid to host university) and are comprised of other university students from around the U.S. and sometimes abroad.

Studying abroad through an affiliate gives students extra support and benefits like excursions and dedicated student activities staff. Affiliates can be companies, non-profit organizations, or other universities in the US that serve as the 3rd party intermediary between study abroad students and host institutions. Affiliates offer fully developed programs to college students from the US and typically charge one comprehensive fee that includes most expenses. These organizations typically take care of all of the logistical arrangements and details, creating a framework that allows students to focus their time and energy on their studies and cultural exploration. Affiliates typically have staff both in the US and on-site in the host countries.

recipReciprocal Exchange Programs-International charge CSU semester tuition (Fall or Spring) for semester study elsewhere but result in CSU in-residence credits; an international exchange student may attend CSU in your place.

Enjoy a semester abroad with the international student exchange program here at Cleveland State University while paying your regular CSU tuition (and no tuition to the host university). Our exchange partner universities cover a wide variety of academic disciplines and most majors will find suitable courses.   When you exchange abroad, your host school also sends one of their students to CSU so they can experience college life here as a Viking in Cleveland!

Reciprocal Domestic Exchange - National Student Exchange
NSE gives you an opportunity to experience a different area of the country with its unique cultural and academic opportunities for domestic exchange. Since NSE's beginning in 1968, more than 100,000 students have participated in the program including many from our own campus. Partners include Canadian and Puerto Rican universities. Pay your home campus tuition but study away for a semester or two!

grad Graduate Education Abroad Opportunities
If you are a graduate student and wish to study abroad for a summer or semester, the Education Abroad office can help you plan your coursework at several different locations around the globe. From Himalayan Buddhist Art and Architecture to English Literature, we have a variety of partner programs that will help make your graduate years even more enjoyable and enriching.