Center for International Services & Programs

On Campus Employment

Student Employment

  • Students should NOT depend on the possibility of working on or off campus to finance their education in the U.S
  • Upon arrival, students in lawful F-1 status are permitted to work on campus for no more than 20 hours per week.
  • The availability of campus jobs is not guaranteed; however, nearly 60 percent of international students have campus jobs.
  • F-1 students are NOT permitted to work off campus and doing so is unlawful.
  • F-1 students may be eligible to work off campus after one academic year as part of the practical training component of the F-1 status. In order to apply for Practical Training, international students must attend one of the informational workshops conducted by CISP. 

Employment Tips

  • Apply only for a position that meets your skills and capabilities. This includes your English verbal skills. Example, if an accounting position is needed, an engineering or computer information systems student need not apply if they do not have the skill. You will have a higher rate of success if you fit the employers picture of what they want.
  • Most hours available for work have been set by the employer. Analyze if they fit into your schedule before applying for the position as most employers will not compromise their timetables to meet your schedule.
  • Most positions will take you through training so that you can perform the duties better. Employers will hire students who are willing to keep the position for the duration of their studies so that they may not waste time and resources training. Please apply for jobs that you really want and will be available in the long term.
  • Only commit to being available to work during the semester breaks if you are sure that you will be available.
  • Some students ask their employers to cheat by adding more hours than they actually have done into their time sheets. This is not only dishonest but a poor show of character.
  • Do not approach the employer as a group of students. Individuality and independence are what the employer is looking for so maximize on this and apply for a position on your own.
  • Hiring does not always follow the practice of "first come first served." Understand that the best qualified person for a job may or may not be the first person that applies.
  • Knowing that "image is everything," be smartly dressed when going job hunting. Your image will leave a better lasting impression of you than your resume does.
  • After you have applied and submitted your resume to the employer, refrain from making return visits to confirm your position and wait to be contacted by the employer.
  • Regularly look at the Career Services job postings.