Center for International Services & Programs

J-1 Extensions

Your permission to stay in the United States in J-1 status ends 30 days after the expiration date of your Form DS-2019 or 30 days after the end of your affiliation with CSU whichever comes first. Work permission ends the day the DS -2019 expires, but you can stay in the U.S. 30 days longer. Extensions and transfers must be processed before this 30-day grace period begins.

To extend your permission to stay, you must first obtain permission from the campus department that issued the invitation originally. That office will send a request for continuation of your program to the CISP office. You are eligible to apply for an extension if: you are still working toward the objective shown on your Form DS-2019 that you have adequate funding for the period of the proposed extension you have maintained the required insurance your extension will not carry you beyond your time limit. You are responsible for keeping track of your Form DS-2019 expiration date. Extensions should be requested two to three months in advance.

We will provide your host department with a continuation request form to use if they wish to extend your stay. Our office must have proof of your continued funding if it is not provided by Cleveland State University. We must also have proof of your valid insurance coverage. When we have received the request for continuation and the required financial and insurance information, we will prepare your extension form Form DS-2019 and contact you.

NOTE: If your spouse has J-2 work permission, it will have to be extended after your extension is processed. Since the work permission extension can take as long as three months, your extension should be requested as early as possible.

Extensions beyond the normal time limit

Exchange visitors in the short-term scholar category may not extend beyond the six-month time limit. Those in the professor or research scholar categories may extend but not beyond the 5 year maximum time limit