Office of the University Registrar

Graduate Applicants

Graduate students with more than 15 hours and degree-seeking status will have the 'Apply to Graduate' button available to them on the 'Graduation' tab in CampusNet. Once a student applies online, the graduation application fee is charged to the student account and the review process begins. It takes six to eight weeks to complete the initial review of the application. Students are encouraged to track the progress of their graduation application on the 'Application Tracking' page on the 'Graduation' tab.

If you submitted a paper application, you do not need to submit another application online (doing so will result in a duplicate graduation application fee charged to your account). It takes ten to twelve weeks to complete initial processing of the paper application. When completed, you will receive a copy of the application with comments and/or adjustments. If you do not receive anything back after the ten to twelve week period, contact the Office of the University Registrar.

In order to graduate, students are responsible for enrolling in the courses required to complete the program of study. It is important to ensure that students complete Degree Audit requirements with 'Completed' or 'In Progress' courses. Students will be responsible for checking their Degree Audit regularly to verify that the status of degree requirements remain complete with 'In Progress' courses.

Incomplete Grades: If an Incomplete grade (I) is received in your final semester, your date of graduation will be the end of the semester in which the instructor submits the grade change to the Office of the University Registrar. You must notify the Office of the Univeristy Registrar of any change of grade made to a pending Incomplete (I) if that grade change completes your degree requirements.