Office of the University Registrar

Taking Courses as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

An undergraduate in good academic standing with at least 30 credit hours earned may take one course per term on an S/U basis for a total of four courses. Any course, except those in the student's major field or specified as required by course number or title, may be taken on an S/U basis. A student on probation is not eligible to take courses on an S/U basis during the term of probation. The S grade is defined as being a C or better. Neither the S nor the U will have any bearing on the student's term average or cumulative grade point average.

To select the S/U option, students must submit a change of grading status form to All-in-1, BH 116. The last day to choose to take a course on an S/U basis is the last day to add without permission for the term/session in which the course is offered. See the academic calendar for last day to add without permission.