Office of the University Registrar

Spring Semester 2022

Academic Calendar dates are subject to change. Please check CampusNet for the most up to date information about specific course dates. Courses scheduled outside of the traditional semester schedule are indicated in CampusNet as ALT(alternative) session courses. Add/drop/withdrawal deadlines for ALT courses are adjusted according to the length of the session. 
The University is closed on University Holidays unless otherwise noted above. The only time Saturday classes are not held in observance of a holiday is for the Thanksgiving Recess, unless the actual holiday falls on a Saturday.
spring 2022

Important Dates
Priority Registration BeginsMarch 8, 2021
Open Enrollment BeginsSeptember 27, 2021
Term BeginsJanuary 15, 2022
Martin Luther King Day (University Holiday)January 17, 2022
First Weekday ClassJanuary 18, 2022
Last Day to Drop with Full Refund (click to view refund schedule)January 21, 2022
Last Day to Join a Course WaitlistJanuary 21, 2022
Last Day to Add (CampusNet Registration)January 23, 2022
Last Day to Drop January 28, 2022
Course Withdrawal Period Begins - 'W' Grade AssignedJanuary 29, 2022
President's Day (University Holiday)February 21, 2022
Midterm Week (Monday - Sunday)March 7-13, 2022
Midterm Grading Deadline (Monday)March 14, 2022
Spring RecessMarch 13-20, 2022
Last Day to Withdraw from CoursesApril 1, 2022
Last Day of ClassesMay 6, 2022
Final Exam Week (Saturday through Friday)May 7-13, 2022
CommencementMay 14, 2022
Final Grades Submission Deadline (All Sessions)May 17, 2022
Final Grades Available to StudentsMay 18, 2022
Spring Semester Student Incomplete Work DeadlineSeptember 9, 2022
Spring Semester Incomplete Grade Submission DeadlineSeptember 13, 2022

spring 2022 final exam schedule
Class Meeting TimeFinal Exam DayTime
7:00a-7:50a (MWF)Mon9-May8:00a-10:00a
7:00a-8:15a (TTh)Tue10-May8:00a-10:00a
7:30a-8:35a (MWF) (4-credit)Mon9-May8:00a-10:00a
8:00a-9:50a (TTh) (4-credit)Tue10-May8:00a-10:00a
8:05a-8:55a (MWF)Wed11-May8:00a-10:00a
8:30a-9:45a (TTh)Thu12-May8:00a-10:00a
9:10a-10:00a (MWF)Fri13-May8:00a-10:00a
10:00a-11:15a (TTh)Tue10-May10:15a-12:15p
10:15a-11:05a (MWF)Mon9-May10:15a-12:15p
11:20a-12:10p (MWF)Wed11-May10:15a-12:15p
Free for off-grid (large class) examsThu12-May10:15a-12:15p
Free for off-grid (large class) examsFri13-May10:15a-12:15p
12:15p-1:20p (MWF) (4-credit)Mon9-May12:30p-2:30p
12:25p-1:15p (MWF)Mon9-May12:30p-2:30p
12:30p-1:45p (TTh)Tue10-May12:30p-2:30p
12:30p-2:20p (TTh) (4-credit)Tue10-May12:30p-2:30p
1:30p-2:20p (MWF)Wed11-May12:30p-2:30p
2:00p-3:50p (MW) (4-credit)Wed11-May12:30p-2:30p
2:00p-3:50p (TTh) (4-credit)Thu12-May12:30p-2:30p
2:00p-3:15p (TTh)Thu12-May12:30p-2:30p
2:35p-3:25p (MWF)Fri13-May12:30p-2:30p
4:00p-5:50p (MW) (4-credit)Mon9-May4:00p-6:00p
4:00p-5:50p (TTh) (4-credit)Tue10-May4:00p-6:00p
4:30p-5:45p (MW)Mon9-May4:00p-6:00p
4:30p-5:45p (TTh)Tue10-May4:00p-6:00p
6:00p-7:15p (MW)Wed11-May6:00p-8:00p
6:00p-7:15p (TTh)Thu12-May6:00p-8:00p
6:00p-7:50p (MW) (4-credit)Wed11-May6:00p-8:00p
6:00p-7:50p (TTh) (4-credit)Thu12-May6:00p-8:00p
8:00p-9:15p (MW)Mon9-May8:00p-10:00p
8:00p-9:15p (TTh)Tue10-May8:00p-10:00p
8:00p-9:50p (MW) (4-credit)Mon9-May8:00p-10:00p
8:00p-9:50p (TTh) (4-credit)Tue10-May8:00p-10:00p

Exams for classes that meet one day a week will be held the same day and time the class normally meets during the week of final exams.

In case of an emergency closing of the University during a final examination period, the following regulations will apply: The regular examination schedule will be observed for the day(s) remaining when the University reopens. The first missed examination day will be scheduled on the next weekday following the normal examination period, the second missed on the following weekday, etc. A missed Saturday examination will be scheduled on the following Saturday.