Office of the University Registrar

Transcript Options

There are three forms of Official Transcripts available to students. They are hardcopy Official Issued to Student transcripts,  hardcopy Official Sealed Transcripts, and electronic Official Transcripts (which are only available when ordering online). If you would like an unofficial copy of your transcript please visit the CSU web for students and print off a copy at no charge.

If you request an official transcript and wish to have it mailed to yourself, the transcript will be stamped “Issued to Student” in red. If you are ordering the transcript and YOU will be delivering it to a third party, you may request a “Sealed Transcript”. A “Sealed Transcript” means that the transcript is placed in a Cleveland State University envelope with the University Registrar’s signature across the back flap. For a “Sealed Transcript” to remain official, it CANNOT be opened by the student, but only by the party that intends to use the document. If you do not request a sealed transcript, you will receive an “Issued to Student” transcript that has a red security stamp to prevent photocopying. Requesting a “Sealed Transcript” is not necessary if you are sending the transcript directly to another university or employer.

If you would like a “Sealed Transcript” please check the box on the online transcript order form. If you are ordering in person, you must write SEALED on the Transcript Request Form.

An electronic transcript is a certified PDF of the official transcript.  The e-transcript will be transmitted electronically to the recipient, and is intended solely for use by that recipient.  The e-transcript is no longer considered official if it is subsequently provided to someone other than the original recipient. An e-transcript is considered official in PDF format only.  Printed e-transcripts will display a watermark notating that they are a Copy of Official Transcript.

You may also request that your transcript be held until your degree has been issued or until your grades for the current semester are recorded.  Grades are not printed on official transcripts until the end of the current term (the last day of classes on the Academic Calendar).  For summer terms, grades are not printed on official transcripts until the last day of classes for the twelve week session, irrespective of the 6, 8, or 10-week session ends.

If you do not wish for your transcript to be held, it is the student’s responsibility to verify that all grades and degrees are posted before ordering their transcript. Transcripts will not be reissued for incomplete grades or for degrees that have not been posted, unless the student has marked on the Transcript Request Form "to be held for grades or degrees". Student’s can check the status of their grades on the web for students but grades are not printed on official transcripts until the end of the current term (the last day of classes on the Academic Calendar). Normal posting time for degrees is approximately 4-8 weeks after the completion of a term.

If you would like the transcript to be held for grades or degree posting, be sure to check the appropriate box on the online form or on the bottom right of the Transcript Request Form.

There is a $7 fee  ($12 for mail or in person orders) for each transcript requested. If you are ordering online and paying by credit card, normal processing is 1-3 days from the date the authorization form is received. If you are ordering by any other method, normal processing is 2-5 days. The estimated processing time does not include the mailing time to the transcript recipient and is not a guarantee that transcripts will be processed in the posted times. All transcripts are sent first class mail through the United States Postal Service, unless Federal Express Overnight Shipping is selected.