Office of the University Registrar

Grade Point Average

The grade and credit earned for any course taken by a student at Cleveland State University will become part of the student's permanent record and will be used in the computation of the University grade point average (GPA). A student's academic standing at Cleveland State University is expressed in terms of the grade point average (GPA). GPA is determined by dividing the total quality points earned during a semester by the total credit hours attempted. All grade point averages are carried to two decimal places unrounded. Grade point hours include those course credits with grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D, F, and X. Please consult your academic department and college for specifics regarding minimum GPA requirements.

Degrees cannot be conferred with any incomplete grade of I, X, T or no grade on the students record. Incomplete grades are not included in the cumulative GPA until the correct grade has been entered.

Cumulative GPA consists of all coursework within an academic career. For example, all undergraduate coursework, regardless of program changes, leaves of absence, completions or otherwise will factor into cumulative GPA.

Graduate Students - After admission to a graduate program and registration as a graduate student, grades for all 400- to 800-level courses taken on a letter-grade basis are computed into a student's grade-point average.