Faculty / Staff Parking 2015-2016

Summer semester permit sales begin at 9:00 am on April 1. Annual permit sales begin at 9:00 am on July 1.

Please ensure your parking account is up-to-date and all citations are paid; outstanding balances will prevent/delay the purchase of your preferred permit. All permits are limited and may sell out. Note that Viking Cards are required to access most gated garages.

Introducing CSU GO Online Parking System! Manage your parking account, purchase permits, view letters and pay citations in one convenient location. Use your CSU login and password to access the new system and explore CSU GO Online.

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Faculty / Staff Parking Annual and Semester Prices 2015-2016
Option A–White Permits, valid 5:00 am-11:59 pm Price
Annual $799.00 
Fall & Spring Semesters $305.00
Option B—Green Permits, valid 5:00 am-11:59 pm
Annual $917.00
Fall & Spring Semesters $368.00

Option C- Prospect Garage (access to PG & SG only),  valid 5:00 am-11:59 pm

Annual $992.00
Fall & Spring Semesters $393.00
Option D - Limited Access Adjunct Permits -The permits are only available to adjunct faculty and must be purchased in the parking office. The day(s) of the week you opt to park will be reflected on the permit. Permit holders who need access to campus on a day not reflected on their permit will need to park in a visitor/hourly parking lot. Limited access permits will be valid from 5:00am to 11:59pm on the pre-selected days reflected on the face of the permit. Adjunct faculty that do not have a signed contract must present a letter of intent from their Dean or Department Chair when purchasing in the Parking Office. Limited Access Adjunct Permits will not have access to South Garage.
White Adjunct Permits, Fall & Spring Semesters Green Adjunct Permits, Fall & Spring Semesters
One day/week:              $84.00 One day/week:              $108.00
Two days/week:            $168.00 Two days/week:            $216.00
Three days/week:          $252.00 Three days/week:          $324.00
Evening and Night Semester Permits provide access to all green and white parking locations except South Garage.
Option E - Evening Permits, valid 3:30 pm-11:59 pm $279.00
Option F - Night Permits, valid 5:30 pm - 11:59 pm $256.00
Overnight $ 100.00, per semester | $300.00, annually
Option G - Daily/Cash Parking

All employees may select Payroll Deduction as the payment method. If you are not eligible for Payroll Deduction as a payment method or wish to pay in full, you may do so with a credit or debit card (Visa, MC or Discover). Please note that parking permits purchased by Payroll Deduction are on a pre-tax basis. Payroll deduction options will be based upon the employees contract. Ex: Employees with a nine month contract will only be able to select PRD for up to nine monthly deductions.

The 2015-16 Annual Permit options are priced based on proximity relative to the core of campus.

  • White permits provide access to non-core, perimeter parking, including access to the South Garage (SG), via Viking Card. This permit option is priced to provide the maximum value.
  • Green permits provide access to core parking and the South Garage (SG), via Viking Card.
  • Prospect permits provide access to PG & SG only. Permit holders must have a Viking Card to access these facilities.

Additional Information

  • White, Green and Prospect permits are valid for parking in designated parking locations from 5:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m. daily.
  • Permits provide access to all locations assigned to your permits; not a specific lot or garage.
  • A $10 administrative fee will be assessed on all returned permits.
  • Permits remain property of CSU. If your employment at CSU ends, you must return your parking permit to Parking Services. Refunds are subject to eligibility based on the date returned to Parking Services.
  • Ensure that the vehicle displaying your permit is registered with Parking and linked to your permit. Manage your vehicle information via CSU GO Online Parking System.
  • Once a garage has filled, it may not be re-opened until 10 spaces become available.
  • Patrons who wish to park on campus from 12:00 a.m. - 4:59 a.m. (overnight) will be required to purchase overnight access for an additional $100.00 per semester.  (Employees who have work assignments that include hours between midnight and 5am will be exempt from the surcharge but will be required to show proof of work hours to get the overnight decal from the Parking office).
  • All attended garages and surface lots will be accessible only by patrons with prepaid parking permits during a regular weekday.
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Additional Faculty Staff Information

2015-2016 REFUND POLICY click HERE

Faculty & Staff Disabled Cross Park Authorization

Disabled Parking Cross Campus Authorization allows faculty or staff with a prepaid permit to park in any green or white permit space on campus, including all disabled parking spaces. Lot 22, Rec Center Garage and meters are limited to Disabled Spaces only. This access is granted for CSU work outside your assigned area only, not daily parking. This form must be completed and returned to Parking at the start of each fiscal year.

Parking Rules

Each individual who chooses to park at Cleveland State University is expected to comply with established rules and procedures. See additional information under Parking Rules.

Safety Escort

Faculty and Staff traveling to and from destinations are encouraged to use the CSU Escorts by calling 216-687-2020.