Avoiding Citations

Tips for avoiding citations:

  • Make sure your vehicle is registered to your valid virtual permit.
  • Make sure your contractor or event permit is clearly visible to enforcement personnel.
  • Display your entry ticket or prepaid parking receipt on your dashboard.
  • Give yourself extra time at PayStation/metered spaces to get back to your vehicle after your class, work, or meeting.
  • If you're running late, add extra time to your PayStation/metered space with the Text2Pay. Lot codes have CSU to start, followed by the Lot number. For example, Lot 22 is CSU22. 
  • PayStation spaces and coin meters are enforceable 24/7. Coin meters accept US quarters only.
  • Park in designated prepaid lots and garages with a valid parking permit
  • Park between the painted lines, not on or over
  • Permits and Viking Cards are non-transferrable and may not be shared
  • Ensure that the vehicle parked on campus is registered with Parking (including rentals and temp tags)
  • Ensure that you are parking in the correct lot/garage based on your permit type (check your permit receipt)
  • If you forget your Viking Card, press the 'help button' on the entry/exit machine
  • Do not misuse, sell, or share any CSU permit
  • Do not purchase a permit from someone else
  • Do not accept parking information from anyone other than Parking Services personnel (CSU PD do not work for Parking Services).


UPDATED: 6/9/21