Parking & Transportation Services is authorized to remove, immobilize (boot), impound and/or enter motor vehicles on University property at the owner’s expense.

This policy is to ensure that all parking patrons have equal access to the parking facilities with the minimum amount of risk to pedestrians and /or vehicles. Vehicles may be removed, immobilized, and impounded in the following instances if such action is deemed appropriate and necessary by Parking & Transportation Services staff and/or CSU Police:

  1. The vehicle constitutes a traffic or safety hazard
  2. The vehicle is illegally parked in a disabled, state vehicle, or reserved space
  3. The amount of unpaid citations recorded for the registered individual exceeds $99.00 (including citations in appeal)
  4. The vehicle displays an altered or counterfeit hangtag or daily visitor receipt
  5. The vehicle is determined to be abandoned, or otherwise considered a derelict vehicle
  6. Other circumstances that are deemed necessary or appropriate by Parking Services

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle release arrangements are posted on the department’s website. Parking & Transportation Services requires that the following be met before a vehicle will be released:

  • Payment of all parking fines
  • Payment of tow and boot/storage fees (if applicable)
  • Presentation of valid driver’s license
  • Required to register the vehicle (if the vehicle is not registered)
  • Return of requested CSU permit (if applicable)

In addition, a vehicle may be immobilized for information purposes, which consist of unregistered vehicles, enable face-to-face communication, security/safety reasons, and/or miscellaneous operational needs. Informational immobilizations are not subject to additional (boot) fees.

To recover a booted/towed vehicle, the individual responsible must report it to the Parking & Transportations Services office Euclid Commons, Room 160 (2402 Euclid Avenue) or contact the Supervisor on Duty at (216) 258-7178 to make arrangements for the release of the vehicle. The release of the vehicle is contingent on hours of operation and will be released within 2 hours after payment is made.

A storage fee is assessed daily. Tow and storage fees are taxable, eight percent tax on towing charges and eight percent tax on the total amount of storage fees.

The Parking & Transportations Services staff is available to assist with a vehicle release.

During office hours located on the left at 216-687-2023After hours, patrons may call 216-258-7178 to reach a field supervisor.

Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle left unattended for more than 48 hours without a valid hangtag displayed or a valid registered vehicle with a permit will be considered abandoned and impounded at the owner's expense. It is the owner's responsibility to contact Parking & Transportation Services if he/she knows the vehicle will be left unattended for more than 24 hours.

UPDATED: 6/7/21