Department Reservations and Special Events

Departmental Reservations

***Please see below for details pertaining to requests. Click Reservation Request to view the electronic submission page.  

The parking request process allows CSU departments, affiliate organizations, and student organizations to request parking for campus guests and groups. Guest access to gated garages is provided through barcode passes known as OTM validations. 


Parking Request Types

  • Reservations

    • Spaces are held and guaranteed for the event. The requestor will be charged for all spaces held, regardless of usage. Reservations are recommended for events being held during peak times.

  • One-Time Use

    • OTM validations are issued for the event and guests will park based on space availability. Space is not held or guaranteed.

  • Bulk Order

    • OTM validations can be ordered in bulk to be used as needed throughout the semester. Guests using OTM validations issued in a bulk order will park based on space availability. Requesting a reserved space while using OTM validations from a bulk order will result in additional charges.

General Information

  • OTM validations are not eligible for return or exchange. Expired OTM validations cannot be exchanged for valid OTMs.

  • OTM validations will expire on June 30th or December 31st. To determine the expiration date for current OTM validations, please send an email to

  • Departments are charged based on the OTM validations/spaces reserved, not by the amount used unless otherwise specified.

  • We do not track or verify individual OTM Validations after a request has been processed.

  • OTM validations, Mass Use OTM validations, and Dash Passes must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard when parking in CSU parking facilities. Visitors that do not display a pulled ticket or valid pass will be subject to citation.

  • License plate must be visible from the drive lane.

  • How to distribute OTM validations to visitors:

    • OTM validations can be mailed to visitors by the requesting department.

    • The original OTM validations received from Parking Services can be scanned and emailed by the requesting department to visitors. For best results, please scan the OTM validation using the highest resolution. Visitors must display a printed copy of the validation on their vehicle dashboard.

    • A photograph of the OTM validation can be taken using a high-resolution camera or smartphone and emailed to the visitors by the requesting department.  Visitors must display a printed copy of the validation on their vehicle dashboard.

  • All original OTM validations that have been emailed to visitors should be discarded after the event or campus visit.

  • Instruct visitors to press the “Help” button if they experience any problems entering or exiting a gated garage.

  • Special events that require attendants to hold reserved space requests will be charged a rate of $12 per hour with a minimum of four (4) hours per attendant.

    • Requests for attendants must be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event.

    • Additional attendants may be required depending on weather conditions. 

Mass Use OTM validations

  • Mass Use OTM validations can be created for events with 10 or more guests.

  • If spaces are reserved for an event, the requesting department will be charged for all spaces held, regardless of Mass Use OTM usage.

  • If spaces are not reserved for an event, the requesting department will be charged based on Mass Use OTM usage.

  • Mass Use OTM validations will be emailed to the requesting department on an official Parking Services document. Alteration of this document can result in citations for the event guests.

  • Event guests must display a copy of the Mass Use OTM validation on their vehicle dashboard while parking on campus.

Cancellation Guidelines

  • Parking reservations can be canceled up to one business day prior to the event.

  • Cancellations on the day of the reservation or after the reservation will still be processed and charged.

  • If the requesting department would like to keep the OTM validation issued for a canceled event, they will be charged.

    • The OTM validation for a canceled event can be used based on space availability before the expiration date.

    • If the requesting department would like a reserved space assigned and already has an OTM validation for the visitor, an additional $8 reservation fee will be charged.

  • If a visit is rescheduled, the requesting department may keep the OTM validation to use for the same guest later for no additional charge.

    • If the validation is utilized for a different guest and a reserved space is requested, an additional $8 reservation fee will be charged.

RESERVATION guidelines

  • Requests forms for department reservations or special events must be submitted via email to Parking & Transportation Services no less than three (3) business days prior to the date needed. The forms are available to download (Parking Reservation Request Form) or submit electronically on the Reservation Request page. Departmental representatives will receive an acknowledgment of receipt via email.

  • Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to decline any reservation or special event request if it is for a class day. Mondays through Thursdays are very heavy-demand days. In such cases, campus event hosts will be instructed on where they may direct their guests to park.

  • All reservations request forms must include a CSU account number. All charges will be charged to the department’s account number at the end of each month.

  • Please Note: Departments providing barcode permits directly to guests should provide notification to Parking with the guest information (guest name, facility, time, etc.). If the guest experiences an issue, Parking will be able to assist the guest with access into or out of the gated facility. However, notifications do not guarantee a space.

The Parking & Transportation Services staff are ready to assist you - Contact us at for more information.

Think Green when planning events. Please review the "Green Event Guide" to see the options available.