Motorcycle/Bicycle Parking


For the purpose of parking at Cleveland State University, any motorized vehicle that has two wheels will be the defined as a motorcycle and this includes mopeds and vehicles with smaller engines.

There are 58 motorcycle spaces (specially marked ½ spaces) on campus. Any vehicle found outside of a permitted motorcycle parking area will receive a violation. Motorcycles may not park on CSU sidewalks, bike racks, prepaid vehicle locations, automated garages, and alleys or in CSU buildings. The University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of motorcycles while on campus.

Motorcycle Parking Map

Facility Location Permit Spaces Metered Spaces
Motorcycle Parking Locations
M1 E. 18th Street, drive path to WG 1 8
M2 Central Garage Alley, access from E. 19th 7 6
M3 Lot 22 5 4
M5 Rec Center (Permit Required) 4 0
M6 East Garage (Permit Required) 2 0
M7 Lot 54 (Permit Required), south of the PayStation. Spaces may be unavailable during late fall through late winter. 12 0

Motorcycle Permits and Rates

Motorcycle permits are available for purchase by CSU staff & students in the Parking Office only (E. 24th & Euclid). The license plate, make, model, color and year and required on the registration form. Permits are only available to CSU students, faculty and staff. No refunds are offered for motorcycle permits and overnight parking is not available. Cash or credit are accepted forms of payment; Payroll Deduction and student account are not available for motorcycle permits. Motorcycles are subject to the same citation discount policies and escalation fee schedule as vehicles. Patrons that purchase a motorcycle permit may park in motorcycle metered spaces if all motorcycle permit spaces are occupied.

Term with vehicle permit without vehicle permit
Annual                 $25.00 $75.00
Fall $10.00 $25.00
Spring $10.00 $25.00
Summer $10.00 $25.00
Meter rates: $0.25/30 minutes. Four (4) hour maximum purchase


Bicycles do not require a registration on the CSU campus. As such, bicycles are not permitted to park in vehicle spaces or motorcycle spaces. See below for bicycle parking areas on the CSU campus.

Recreation Center (Main Entrance) 22
Fenn Tower (East Entrance / Julka Hall) 10
Student Center (East Entrance) 12
Rhodes Tower Ground Level (Below Plaza) 4
PE/Rec Center (Rear Entrance near East Garage) 6
Urban Affairs (Rear Entrance / East 17th) 6
Urban Affairs (East Entrance / East 18th) 6
Law School (East 18th Street Entrance) 8
Law School (Rear / East Entrance) 7
Stilwell Hall (Main Entrance) 11
Science and Research Center 6
Main Classroom (Euclid Entrance) 4
NW corner of East 24th and Euclid 2

Bicycle parking on the CSU campus is restricted as follows:

  • No parking at a tree, post, roadway utility pole, light post, handrails or banister, or parking meter.  Take special note that parking at handrails and banisters cause problems for pedestrians.
  • No parking on lawns.
  • Bicycles may not be stored or parked in any campus building (except as permitted in the dormitory).
  • Bicycles operating in areas primarily intended for pedestrians (e.g. sidewalks, plazas, etc.) MUST yield right of way to pedestrians.
  • Always secure your bicycle with a lock to an official CSU bike parking rack.
  • The University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of bicycles while on campus.
  • Call Parking & Transportation Services at 216.687.2023 for more information.