Citation Appeals

Submit an appeal online

No Appeals will be accepted after twenty-one (21) calendar days

Any student, faculty, staff, or visitor to campus who wishes to appeal a citation must complete a Parking Appeal Form online via CSU GO Online Parking System within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the citation’s issuance. Photos taken at the time the citation was issued are viewable and up to three (3) supporting documents (.jpg, .pdf) can be added. CSU Students and staff can login with their CSU ID and password. Rec Center members can log in with their Rec ID and password. CSU Guests can create an account with a valid email address. The license plate and citation number are required to retrieve citation information for vehicles not previously registered with CSU Parking Services. Please note that the citation discount is only valid for 72 hours from the issue date. Appeals and payments can be processed concurrently. Please note, the citation fee will revert to the original amount if the citation is not paid within the 72 hour period, even if the citation is entered into an appeal. An appeal does not extend discount time or halt applicable late fees/escalation charges.

Appeals may also be submitted by sending the completed parking appeal form via mail, attached via email to, or in person to the Parking & Transportation Services office within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the citation’s issuance.  Late fees will be added if the citation is not paid within 21 calendar days. Appeal forms are available in the Parking & Transportation Services office or can be downloaded at parking appeal form. No appeals will be accepted after 21 days. Appeals should include the patron’s name and CSU ID number (when applicable), the parking citation number and the reason the patron feels the citation was unjustified. Appeals will be entered based on the date of receipt in the Parking Office. Boot citations, misuse of Viking card citations, and illegal permit citations are not appealable. 

The Director of Parking & Transportation Services or designee reviews all first round appeals. First round adjudication is based upon the written statements and documentation submitted as part of the appeal. First round appeal decisions will be rendered within 15 days of receipt of the appeal.

Appeals that are denied in the first round may be submitted for a second review to the Parking Review Board within 14 calendar days of the decision date of the first appeal. The Parking Review Board (PRB) serves as the appellate body if an individual requests a second round of appeal review. Requests for review by the PRB should include any new information or documentation not available at the time of the first appeal. The appellant may make a personal appearance for the PRB appeal review if desired. Once a second appeal date has been confirmed, the PRB will proceed with a decision based on available information at the time of the scheduled meeting.  The PRB members will hear the second appeal and adjudicate in your absence if necessary.  Any requests to reschedule a personal appearance must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled PRB meeting.  Please note payment of citation is required before second appeals can be processed.

The Assistant Vice President for Campus Support Services serves as the appellate to the Review Board if an individual requests further review under the following conditions: an alleged failure to follow established policies and procedures and/or an alleged failure to meet a general standard of fairness. A request for further review must be submitted in writing to the Parking & Transportation Services office within ten (10) calendar days of the date the original decision letter was sent electronically.

The Parking Review Board membership:

  • One Undergraduate Student & an alternate
  • One Law or Graduate Student & an alternate
  • One Faculty member & an alternate
  • One Staff member & an alternate
  • Director of Parking & Transportation Services or a designee (ex-officio)