Violations and Fines

Escalation Fees

Citation Descriptions

Citation Payment (Methods)


All citations will be printed with a discounted rate of $15.00 off the base citation amount*. This discount is ONLY valid for 72 hours from the time and date the citation was issued. This discount is being offered to promote prompt payment via the CSU GO Online Parking System. Citation payments sent via USPS must be postmarked within the 72 hour period to receive the discounted rate. Any payments postmarked after 72 hours of the issue date and time will not receive the discount.

As citation appeals may take up to 15 days to be adjudicated, patrons who wish to submit appeals should pay the citation balance within the 72-hour period in order to receive the discount.

The $15 discount will be removed from the citation base rate after 72 hours and the original fees will be reinstated. All other citation and appeal policies remain in effect.

*Please note that escalation fees still apply for patrons who have received multiple citations of the same type. A $15 discount will still apply on the base rate, but not the escalation fees.

Example: No Valid hangtag ($35 base rate), second offense: $35 - $15 (citation base discount) = $20 + $10 (escalation fee) = $30 discounted rate for 72 hours. After 72 hours, the original rates will be reinstated to $45.

Escalation Fees
Second Offense: +5.00 $35+$5 = $40.00
Third Offense: +15.00 $35+15 = $50.00
Fourth Offense: +30.00 $35+30 = $65.00
Fifth Offense: +55.00 $35+55 = $90.00


Citation Description Fine
No Valid Permit $35.00
     Vehicle not registered to permit or no valid permit displayed  
     Permit not valid in space/permit zone or date/time of the citation   
Parking in Disabled Space $250.00
     No disabled parking credential displayed or expired disabled parking credential  
     Unauthorized user of the disabled parking credential  
No Ticket / Permit Registered $25.00
     No entry ticket/ paid receipt/voucher or permit displayed/registered in a visitor or mixed lot  
Expired Time $35.00
     Expired meter, Paystation, or EV charging meter  
     Parking outside of permit time/zone or 3-hour time limit exceeded (Rec. Center Permits)  
     Parked at a broken parking meter  
     4-hr permit time exceeded  
     Permit holder parked in a visitor-only space   
Illegal Permit $325.00
     Possession of Lost/Stolen Hangtag (Not Appealable)  
     Illegal use/Modification/Alteration/Reproduction of Hangtag (Not Appealable)  
     Sharing your parking permit/ID  
     Use of someone else's parking permit/giving Viking card to another person  
Illegal Parking Space $25.00 
     Parked on the sidewalk, in the driveway, or loading dock  
     Parked on/outside painted lines or parked in multiple spaces  
     Blocking door  
     Signage prohibits parking (i.e. "No Parking"  
General Infraction $25.00
     Entering through exit  
     Parked in reserved space  
     Failure to pay  
     Failure to heed instructions  
     Interfering with access or parking equipment  
     No valid overnight permit / privileges  
Blocking Right of Way $50.00
     Parked in a fire lane or crosswalk  
Plate not Facing Aisle $25.00
     License plate obscured or no visible license plate  
     Expired license plate/temp tag  
     License plate is not visible from the drive aisle  
Misuse of Viking Card (Not Appealable) $25.00
     Swiping someone in or out of a gated facility with your permit/ID  
Boot Fee (Not Appealable) $60.00
     Citation balance in excess of $99.00  
     Citation balance is 180 days past due  
Boot Tampering Fee (Not Appealable) $150.00
     Tampering with or damaging the attached boot  
     Theft / removal of attached boot  
Late Fee $10.00

Rates are subject to change on July 1 and/or Aug. 1. The website may not reflect current fees due to technical issues. 

Citation Payment Methods

  • Online: (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) Accepted in the office and online. Click here for the CSU Go Online Parking System for citation payment.
    • There is no fee to pay by credit card online or in the office.
  • Cash - Accepted in person at the Parking Office for citations. (Payments made with coins must be rolled in bank-provided coin rolls. Name, ID number, and phone number must be printed on each roll of coin.) The Parking & Transportation Services Office is located at 2402 Euclid Avenue. 
  • Check & Money Order - Accepted in person and through the U.S. Mail for citations. Make payment out to Cleveland State University and mail payment to the address below. If applicable, include the Student ID number on the front of the check. Return your copy of the citation with payment or appeal. Do not send cash. Mailed citations must be postmarked within 72 hours to receive the discounted rate.

Cleveland State University
Parking & Transportation Services
2121 Euclid Avenue - EC 160
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2214

  • Processing a citation payment will link the vehicle to your account. You will be notified of any future citations
  • All fees must be paid within 21 days of the issue date or a $10 late fee is assessed on the 21st day for each violation.
  • Appeals must be submitted within 21 days of the issue date. No appeals are accepted after 21 days.
  • Dishonored Payments: Returned checks or dishonored credit card payments will be assessed a fee of $30.00 plus late and escalated fees. A dishonored payment may impact the ability to use checks and credit cards on campus for one year.

UPDATED: 10/31/2023