Student/Staff Gated Access Authorization Form

Disabled CSU students and staff with a valid green or white* permit that wish to request full access to gated garages within their permit privileges must complete the form below. Copies of the Certificate of Registration and the disabled placard issued from the State must be provided before gated access is granted. A new request must be submitted with each permit purchase (semester or annual). Please allow up to 3 business days for full gated access to be granted.

To access gated garages, permit holders MUST have their Viking Card to scan in and out. If you do not have your Viking Card, you cannot access a gated facility. Failure to scan in or out may cause you to have to pay to exit the facility. Permits are virtual; therefore, the vehicle’s license plate must be registered to a valid permit and visible from the drive aisle while parked. Each individual who chooses to park at Cleveland State University agrees to comply with established rules and procedures. See additional information under Parking Rules at

To apply for disabled parking access authorization, complete this form. Submit the form with the required documentation to Contact Parking Services with any questions via email ( or phone (216-687-2023)

*White permit overrides are only valid at South Garage. 

(Green, White, or Prospect)
(i.e. Fall, Spring, Summer, or Annual F/S; include the semester or fiscal year)
The undersigned hereby acknowledges and understands the rules and policies of CSU Parking Services and that access to gated facilities is granted through your Viking Card. In addition, registrant understands they should park in disabled spaces with their disabled placard displayed and their license plate registered to a valid permit. You understand that permits are virtual and the vehicle’s license plate must be visible from the drive aisle.