Central Garage

EFFECTIVE: 8/1/2021


Central Garage E. 21st Street1919 E. 21st Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 *

The Central Garage (CG) is a three-story garage centrally located between Euclid and Chester Avenues. CG has two entrances: E. 19th Street and 1900 E. 21st Street. CG has 867 spaces. CG accepts permits and visitor parking. The visitor entrance is available from the E. 21st Street entrance ONLY. The E. 19th Street entrance is reserved for permit holders ONLY. 

CG is automated and each entry and exit machine has an intercom (HELP BUTTON) which allows parkers to call for assistance.

Overnight parking is not available to visitors or CG permit holders without a valid overnight permit. Overnight visitor parking is available in the South Garage

LED signs posted at Visitor and Permit entrances indicate the status of the parking that is available for that area: OPEN means that area, either visitor or permit is available. FULL means the area, either visitor or permit is full and not available for additional parkers. Note, visitors and permit parking are separate and one area of the garage may be full, while the other area is not. 

permit holder access via Viking card

Viking Card ReaderTo enter the facility, an active Viking Card is required. CG permit holders scan their Viking Card at the card reader located at the Permit entrance machine. Permit holders may enter from E. 19th or E. 21st street (right lane). Permit holders must register their vehicle to their active permit. To exit, CG permit holders scan their Viking Card at the card reader located at the exit machine.

Visitor Parking Operations

Approximately 60 spaces in the facility are allocated for visitor parking and are ONLY accessible from E. 21st Street (left entry lane). Once the allocated spaces are filled, the visitor status changes to full and will not allow additional visitor parking. Since the system is automated, reserved parking for visitors cannot be accommodated and visitor parking is on a first-come basis. Overnight visitors are not allowed in CG and should utilize South Garage. Day restarts at 12am (No overnight parking).

Garage Entry Lane

CG daily rates: $2 for first hour - $2 per every 2 hours after. Max $10 per day.

Visitors enter the facility by pressing the blue button on the entry ticket machine. The parker takes the ticket and proceeds into the facility to a non-reserved parking space.


When leaving the facility, the visitor drives to the Pay in Lane machine at the exit. The visitor inserts the ticket, the machine calculates the parking rate and displays the amount owed. Payment can be made with cash (up to $20 bill) and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Debit Card). Change is dispensed and press the RECEIPT button during the transactions to acquire a receipt. No refunds are available for special event parking or lost ticket cost. 

*Hours and visitor access subject to change during the summer semester.


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UPDATED: 6/9/21